Up for some magic?

Let's plan a photoshoot that suits your imagination!



from 1000€ / 7400 DKK


Freshly engaged? Congratulations! 

Have I told you how much I love taking pictures of people who are in love?


I believe all weddings are special and each couple deserves beautiful and authentic photographs and videos of their union. These captured moments of magic will be your memories of youth in 30 years from now and part of the heritage you leave to generations to come.

Whether you want to have an intimate ceremony with your closest family and friends at the town hall, or a big wedding party with hundreds of guests, or perhaps an adventurously crazy elopement in the mountains of Iceland, let's talk about it!

from 335€ / 2500 DKK


When was the last time you have treated yourself with some delicious pictures of wonderful you?

In this photoshoot, we will spend a few hours in beautiful location we choose together and have a nice time, while I sneak some great portraits of you. 

Whether you want to use the pictures for your public profiles or to remember your own beauty, we won't leave the scene until you're happy.

At the end, you will receive 35+ professionally edited digital pictures ready to be framed or posted online.

from 470€ / 3500 DKK


Do you have a small/medium business and would like some well-looking images of your products or services?

I can help you find a visual identity for your business and together come with a plan on how to express it through photography and videography.

Perhaps you need a photo album for each of the sections of your webpage or a promotional video to let people know about what you do.

No matter which stage of development your business is in, feel welcome to send me an e-mail and we can work on it together.